immersion + intersectionality = a new way of educating ourselves about each other

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The site is currently very text heavy and academic, which we are aware of. Multimedia content is in progress. For now though, the important stuff:

ImmerSection is a project designed to be a free and simple way to help clinicians, educators, and anyone who encounters humans to be more aware of diverse human experiences through immersing themselves in social media feeds that speak to a number of intersectional experiences. (As well as eventually undertaking tasks such as providing trainings and hosting a directory of lived-experience professionals.)

In order to participate in our initial rollout, please follow the ImmerSection Facebook feed. There, you will find articles, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram posts, and so forth that speak to a number of experiences we all encounter in our work. 

Please remember to stay in your lane when immersing yourself in these posts. Our suggestion, particularly when in early stages of learning about an experience, is to read the comments when the post is from a niche social media account or an individual, but avoid the comments when an article is from a large mainstream news or other organization. We want folks to be seeing discussions expressing the range of views of marginalized folks and their true allies, not comments from a broader public who largely do not understand these experiences. 

Please refrain from entering discussions centering on experiences you do not share, unless specifically invited.